Ex: Nokia N78 (Symbian Operating System along with RealPlayer)
 Step 1: Add Access Point
Menu→Tools→Settings→Connection→Access points
 Step 2: Set the streaming’s default access point of RealPlayer to CMNET (China Mobile)
Menu→Applications→Media→RealPlayer→Options→Settings→Streaming→Network →Default access point→CMNET
 Step 3: Web Settings
Menu→Web→Bookmarks→Options→Bookmark manager→Add bookmark→Enter name, address(http://wap.vigocam.com, Account ID:wap, Password:wap),then select access point as CMNET.
 Step 4: Cell phone outlook
Select the new bookmark wap, opening the login interface. Enter account name, password, then
click "login". The user's camera list shall appear, select camera and click "view" to outlook.
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