Camera Settings
Similar to PCs, the camera must be connected to the Internet.Run Setup utility on a PC.Setup utility consist of both "Network" and "System Tool" pages.
"Network" allows user to apply the internet method according to its internet facilities.IP cameras can connect to internet by dial-ups, routers, or fixed public IPs.
"System Tool" allows users to setup port of cameras that are connected by routers:System requires" port mapping" for RTSP, RTP and RTSP on routers.
1. The RTSP,RTP within the system settings must be set. The port range for RTSP、RTP、RTCP is
2. RTCP port = RTP port + 1. Default RTSP port is 554.
  Account Registration
Camera may register a name, as a substitute for an IP address, for the convenience of user.Both cell phone outlook and  PC outlook use the same account name . Cameras will give out different streams
to support PCs and cell phone users.
Open webpage for registration , click register new user to enter the registration interface.The interface will ask for cell phone number, nickname and password.
After registering, login. Under settings, add the camera within the account. Then all you have to do is
to view it on your cell phone.
  Cell phone settings
For cell phones that outlook videos of the IP camera,it requires a  player software and one of the
following ways to connect to the network:
1〉 Wi-fi
3〉 3G (WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000), 4G (LTE…), etc…
Note : For cell phones without realplayer , the installation of another cell phone streaming media
          player is required.
Ex: Nokia N78 (Symbian Operating System along with RealPlayer)
Ex:Iphone to view VersaX IPcam
Ex:Andriod to view VersaX IPcam