What’s the difference between VG Network Camera and the traditional IPcam?

VG Network Camera is implemented by the latest technologies. The major difference includes:

VG Network Camera

The Traditional IPcam

Fixed IP is not necessary. Login account name will list all registered cameras - worldwide.

User has to key-in the IP address of the camera to view the video.

Can authorize lots of sub-accounts with different priority and privileges.

A password to prohibit the unauthorized use.

CHAP encryption password, guarantees the safety of usage on Internet.

BASE-64 encoded password, easy to be illegally used on Internet.

Display up to 16 cameras (from different locations) on a screen at the same time.

Can only view a single camera at a time

Very smooth video due to improved TCP, UDP and other communication protocols.

Deploy the very standard TCP communication protocol.

Features all DVR/ NVR functions, can be integrated to be a large system for vertical applications.

A stand alone device, designed as a component of digital home solution.