DEMO Volume
1. The system consists of smart NVS streaming server, cloud live server and H5 plug-in free player.
2. Support decoding H.264 video (fully supported by baseline, main and high profile, and support decoding B-frame video).
3. Support playback on IOS, Android and PC device browser at the same time, and perfectly realize unified playback on the three platforms.
4. ultra low latency playback (1-2 seconds), supports almost all browsers in the market, supports WeChat official account and friends circle sharing.
5. Support decoding aac audio, synchronous audio and video decoding, and support volume adjustment.
6. Support both HTTP flv and websocket flv protocols, support HTTPS / WSS encrypted video transmission, and ensure the security of video content transmission.
7. It supports intelligent display without frame loss and long-time playback without accumulated delay.
8. Smartnvs supports RTSP conversion RTMP streaming and private protocol live streaming, which is more efficient.
9. It can be used in schools, scenic spots, kindergartens and other traditional network camera systems to transform into live systems, without the need to invest in video equipment.